Selling your Unit
  • Work with a licensed real estate agent to list your unit.
  • Stony Hollow does not maintain a listing of units for sale.
  • Find an Attorney to assist with your sale.
Pre Closing
  • Tell the Buyer that they must complete and submit a Purchase Application Packet – refer them to our buyers page.
  • Your buyers must attend a Board of Directors Interview.
  • Approvals/Denials from Board of Directors are submitted to Greenview within 24 hours of the interview.
  • Contact maintenance for pre-closing inspection. This is optional but a final inspection is required 10 days prior to closing. You must correct any deficiencies before closing. By having a pre-inspection there will be no surprises when you have your final inspection.
  • Greenview will inform Maintenance of your closing date and they will contact you for a Final Inspection.
Closing – Arranged by sellers, buyers, and the cooperative’s attorneys
  • Provide the unit keys to the buyer. Also bring your Mailbox Key – the United States Postal Service maintains our mailboxes and we do not have duplicate keys.
  • Bring your Prospectus. Paper copies are available from the management company for a charge of $100.
  • Closings are usually held at Felberbaum, Halbridge, & Wirth.
  • Any additional requirements will be communicated by your attorney.
Moving Out of your Unit
  • You may move out seven days a week between 8AM and 8PM.
  • We recommend moving out on a week day between 10 and 3 as more parking may be available for large moving trucks.
  • Leave adequate time to be completed with your move by 8PM.
  • Moving Pods or Containers are not allowed on Property.
  • Parking Permits should be returned to Maintenance.
  • Gate RFID Tags will be deactivated when the new owner takes possession of the unit.