Summer 2021 Pool Schedule 

Weekends Only: Memorial Day Weekend through June 20th

Seven Days per Week: June 20 to September 6th

Hours of Operation

Sunday and Monday: 12PM to 6PM

Tuesday through Saturday: 12PM to 8PM

We have contracted with The Big Splash pool service to operate our swimming pool this season. Rules and behavioral issues will be enforced per board guidance. The pool will be available for all residents and guests weather permitting. You must sign into the pool deck and proper photo id (license) must be presented to attendant to receive a pool pass. Lost pool passes will be $5. Shareholders only receive one pool pass. A limit of two guests will be allowed.
Pool Rules
  • No pool parties are allowed.
  • No running.
  • No diving.
  • Lounge chairs will be available and must be placed 6ft apart from other residents.
  • Floats, noodles and pool toys are not permitted.
  • No Pets are allowed.
  • Proper supervision of all children is required of the parent or guardian. Toddlers must wear swim proof diapers.
  • Beverages in plastic containers are allowed. Meals should be eaten at the picnic tables outside of the pool area.
  • When bathing, social distancing must be observed. The steps entering the pool must remain clear at all times. Masks should not be used during bathing as they will obstruct breathing when wet.
  • Masks must be worn when using the bathrooms unless you have been fully vaccinated per CDC guidelines.
  • Harassment of pool attendants will not be tolerated.
  • Failure to abide by these rules will result in a $250.00 fine and pool privileges will be revoked. Also, the shareholder will be responsible should any fines be given by NYS or the Board of Health for non-compliance.